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I'm a teacher for the serious learner.

I teach Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Sculpture, and Pictorial Design/ Composition. Subjects include Landscape, Still Life, Portraits, Figures. Classical, Plein Air and Alla Prima approaches.
Color and Light and a wide range of Techniques. Beginner to Professional- always with a custom curriculum


John Kilroy Is:

The Imagineer:
Fine Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Musician, Digital Artist, Educator and more. I work in many mediums including Oil, Watercolor, Acylic, Pastel, Drawing Media,Sculpture, Digital Media- both 2-D and 3-D, Animation, Video, Illustration and Graphic Design. I'm a Professional Live / Studio Session Musician. I play Bass (fretted and fretless), I'm a composer and I do Studio/Sound Production.
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